Key Features

Live Timeline

  • The live timeline always shows the current state of your project.
  • Tasks are scheduled and leveled automatically into the future, taking into account task priorities, task dependencies, and the availability of everyone on your team.

Tasks and Summary Tasks

  • Tasks and Summary Tasks define a outline of the things to do.

Quick and Detailed Progress Reports

  • In order to update their status, team members can create a new progress report at anytime.
  • Creating a progress report is quick and easy.

Collaboration is Encouraged

  • Invite anybody to help you. There's no additional charge.
  • Unlimited number of tasks, projects and users.

Other Features

  • All tasks are effort-driven, based on team member availability.
  • Team member availability is defined by daily schedules and a flexible hierarchy of calendars.
  • Users may have different roles for different organizations and projects.
  • Online Help is detailed and comprehensive.
  • PlanIt9's pricing promotes collaboration (and finishing your work).