For PlanIt9, there is no per-user cost . There is no per-project cost, no per-hour usage cost, no per-gigabyte storage cost, no ads.

So what's the catch?

PlanIt9 has a unique pricing plan that promotes collaboration (and finishing your work). When you sponsor an organization, you pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of incomplete tasks in all of the projects in your organization.

For example, suppose you sponsor your organization and subscribe to the lowest cost plan for $10 per month. With this plan, you will be able to define a project that has initially 50 incomplete tasks. Or you can define two projects, one having initially 25 tasks, and the other 25 tasks. As time progresses, and your team completes its initial tasks, you'll be able to add new tasks to your projects for no additional charge . You will also be able to define new projects with new tasks. As long as your organization stays under the 50 incomplete task limit, you and the other people in your organization can create as many tasks and projects as you like.

Here are the current pricing plans.

Sponsorship plan (maximum number of incomplete tasks) Monthly subscription fee
50 $ 10*
100 $ 20
200 $ 40
500 $ 100
1,000 $ 200
2,000 $ 400
5,000 $ 1,000

* $ 10 per month after initial 30-day free trial period.

These pricing plans may change in the future, but you will always be able to keep your current plan for your current price. (All existing subscriptions are "grandfathered".)

Free usage tier

When you first sign up for PlanIt9, a new organization and project are automatically created for you. You may use this project and organization for free for as long as you like. No credit card information is required. This free organization and project allow you to explore PlanIt9 without any commitment. However, this free plan allows a maximum of only 10 incomplete tasks, so it is really only suitable for very small projects and very small teams.

Free trial period

To further explore how PlanIt9 can help your team manage its projects, there is a free trial period for the 50-task plan. When you sign up, you'll be asked to provide your credit card information. You can start using PlanIt9 right away for free for 30 days. You can cancel your plan at any time. If you cancel your plan before the end of the 30-day trial period your credit card will not be charged. After the end of the trial period, your paid subscription plan will start and your credit card will be charged $10. Subsequently, your credit card will be charged the monthly fee at the beginning of each billing period. (Free trial periods are only available for new organizations.)


You may upgrade your plan at anytime and your charges will be prorated. For example, let's say you signed up on April 1 for the 50 task plan for $10 per month. Your usage during April is free. On May 1 you are charged $10. Half way through May you decide that you need the 100 task plan for $20 per month. On June 1, you will be charged $25: $20 for June 1 to July 1, minus $5 for the unused portion of the 50 task plan in June, plus $10 for 1/2 month of the 100 task plan in June.


You may cancel your plan at any time. You and your team will be able to work on the projects in your organization until the end of the billing period in which you canceled your plan. Therefore, if you cancel before the end of a billing period, there will be no refund.