PlanIt9 is a tool for planning and tracking projects . It lives in the cloud, so it's accessible from any connected device. PlanIt9 is designed to be fast, simple, collaborative and cost effective. It's best for small and medium sized teams for which meeting deadlines is critical to success. Typical projects last from a few days to several months.

Projects are composed of tasks , each of which is assigned to an individual user or worker. Each project is organized as a outline of individual tasks, subtasks and summary tasks. PlanIt9 automatically schedules tasks into the future based on the priorities and dependencies that you give them.

You can invite anyone with an email address to help work on your project. They sign into PlanIt9 and collaborate with you for no additional cost .

To track your project's progress, workers fill out simple progress reports where they say how long they worked on each task and how much work remains to be done. At any moment, anyone working on the project can see the project's progress with the timeline view.

To get started, follow the quick start guide or for more information, read the rest of the documentation.